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Brand Profile: Rahmen + Co



The team at Rahmen + Co carefully and consciously choose to work with sustainable materials like bamboo viscose/cotton blends, hemp blends and soy/cotton blends, and use environmentally-friendly dyes. They also seek out socially aware American fabric companies that sell textiles fabricated with the environment in mind to further their mission to guide the clothing industry toward more green, sustainable practices. 


EFW launches Indiegogo Campaign to take news portal to the next level!





The mission of Eco Fashion World is to promote ethical fashion brands and stores through informing consumers of their options and linking them to where they can find ethical fashion products. Our NEWS portal provides our readers with inspiring and educational feature articles, interviews, industry updates, new store launches, event information, contests, and much more! EFW is also a comprehensive resource to members of the eco fashion industry, offering an extensive glossary listing industry terms, an organization section, a book section, videos, and an easy-to-use search system.



Giving Preloved Designer Items a New Life



Have you ever thought about how big your environmental footprint is? Living habits such as travel, food you eat, things you buy, etc. have a significant contribution to your overall impact, and it is probably more than you would originally think.  


Themis and Thread, EcoSessions & more to attend 11th Annual Green Festival DC



Budding fashion brand Themis and Thread is taking their justifiable, and newly certified carbon neutral fashions to the nations capital.  June 5-7 Washington, D.C.'s Convention Center will host the largest and longest running green living event in the United States, Green Festival Expo.  Themis and Thread joins more than 200 exhibitors showcasing organic products, inspiring speakers, fun activities, a yoga pavilion and delicious vegan and vegetarian food.  The Eco Fashion sections of the festival also feature a great B2B program on Friday, where wholesalers and manufacturers can team up - Themis and Thread will offer specials direct to consumer all three days but wholesale specials for new accounts on Friday only. 


Architecting Out of the Box: An Exciting Mixture of Architecture and Fashion



If there is no path available to walk on, we create our own. This is what Vicky Lavranou, an architect from Greece, decided to do. When all her life was filled with mixtures of tough building materials such as cement, wire, metal and so forth, she faced a shiny moment or a “moment of truth,” as we sometimes call it. She decided to participate in a contest hosted by HERMES and had the opportunity to experiment with the design of handbags. From that moment onwards, a new brand was on the way. Vicky began recycling her architectural drawings to patterns and covers for new fashion design items. ‘RAinpatterns' had just been born. Combining love for usability, fashion, and design, she began creating handbags and other accessory items infusing all her creativity, vision and beliefs.  


Sustainability in Fashion and Textiles Conference

Sustainability in Fashion and Textiles is a four-day series of lectures, discussions, site visits, and hands-on workshops focusing on sustainability and technology in fashion and textiles. Designed for industry professionals as well as academics wishing to broaden their understanding of sustainability and how to support its integration into the industry, this interdisciplinary program will be important for designers, technologists, educators, and those involved in creation or production, as well as those seeking greater business and professional knowledge. 


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