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Architecting Out of the Box: An Exciting Mixture of Architecture and Fashion
Written by Maria Perrou - Monday, 11 May 2015



If there is no path available to walk on, we create our own. This is what Vicky Lavranou, an architect from Greece, decided to do. When all her life was filled with mixtures of tough building materials such as cement, wire, metal and so forth, she faced a shiny moment or a “moment of truth,” as we sometimes call it. She decided to participate in a contest hosted by HERMES and had the opportunity to experiment with the design of handbags. From that moment onwards, a new brand was on the way. Vicky began recycling her architectural drawings to patterns and covers for new fashion design items. ‘RAinpatterns' had just been born. Combining love for usability, fashion, and design, she began creating handbags and other accessory items infusing all her creativity, vision and beliefs.  


Sustainability in Fashion and Textiles Conference
Written by Eco Fashion World - Thursday, 30 April 2015

Sustainability in Fashion and Textiles is a four-day series of lectures, discussions, site visits, and hands-on workshops focusing on sustainability and technology in fashion and textiles. Designed for industry professionals as well as academics wishing to broaden their understanding of sustainability and how to support its integration into the industry, this interdisciplinary program will be important for designers, technologists, educators, and those involved in creation or production, as well as those seeking greater business and professional knowledge. 


Brand Profile: Larkspur
Written by Eco Fashion World - Wednesday, 29 April 2015



Lingerie is a delicate and personal subject.  The team at Larkspur knows every woman has a real body and a style of her own.  At Larkspur, they want to find the place between fantasy and reality, to create a place where women can be more comfortable with their bodies, and be more comfortable with expressing their true selves and their own fantasies.  

Earth Day Every Day
Written by Eco Fashion World - Wednesday, 22 April 2015


"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." ~Albert Einstein

This year we celebrate the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. Today, 192 countries celebrate Earth Day, with many lobbying groups and environmental organizations using the holiday to encourage government action on behalf of Mother Earth. Let us all ask ourselves how we can better make every day Earth Day... 


Online Store Profile: Tigerlily
Written by Eco Fashion World - Wednesday, 15 April 2015



The Tigerlily brand is all about hand-picked, complimentary collections of clothing, jewellery and accessories. Whilst the shops and website stock fantastic block-colour basics like bamboo leggings and cotton blend cardigans, Marj never shies away from offering bold and striking prints and patterns – whatever the season!   


Brand Profile: The Fairies Pyjamas
Written by Eco Fashion World - Wednesday, 25 March 2015



The Fairies Pyjamas is a clothing brand of unique clothing and accessories, designed, owned and guided by Michelle Lynn Johnson. Inspired by music festival culture and fashion, The Fairies Pyjamas explores whimsical comfortable designs for women and men. 


Unique, Inspiring, True Wearable Art: Inkspoon
Written by Magaly Fuentes - Wednesday, 18 March 2015



When we, at EFW, speak to brands about how their ideas were born, we are often inspired – we learn, we grow, we go through the steps of their individual stories and see what they saw and feel what they felt. It’s a big part of what the Ethical Fashion industry is about. Every once in a while you meet people who are exceptionally raw, exceptionally artistic and real, and live by all that their hearts inspire them to live by. This is what I have found in Inkspoon.  


Ethical Fashion Challenge Sponsored by Eco Fashion World
Written by Eco Fashion World - Monday, 16 March 2015



Eco Fashion World has partnered with Moda 360: LA to put ethical fashion on the runway. “The best of ethical fashion” challenge asks designers to submit 3 fashion looks that incorporate ecological, fair trade and/or ethical principles with creative and innovative style.   


Suzy Amis Cameron: EcoFashion and MUSE School CA
Written by Oceana Sawyer - Saturday, 14 March 2015




EFW recently caught up with Suzy Amis Cameron in the afterglow of her Red Carpet Green Dress success at the Academy Awards this year with celebrity ambassadors, Gina Rodriguez and Jake McDorman. This eco-warrior is about so much more than pretty gowns. Not only is she out to increase the number of ecofriendly garments we put on our bodies everyday; she has also co-founded a revolutionary new school that is child-centered. 


ModaFusion: Talent Rises from Inner City Despair
Written by Debora Pokallus - Tuesday, 03 March 2015



Turning 30 is one of those watershed moments that we approach with mixed emotions. It is a time when we often take stock of the first chapter of our life and decide to change course, take a risk, or step out of our comfort zone. When French journalist Nadine Gonzalez turned 30, her friends came together and gave her a trip to Rio to celebrate. While the usual tourist spots caught her attention, what stirred her soul was the artistic spirit she discovered in the marginalized communities in the city. Determined to change the impoverished economy and lack of opportunity in this inner-city region, Nadine created ModaFusion with Andrea Fasanello, an organization that promotes women’s savoir-faire and spotlights the talents within Rio’s communities. Working with prostitutes and ex-prisoners, the goal is to substitute the drug economy with the fashion economy and improve the standard of living. 


Brand Profile: Inkspoon
Written by Eco Fashion World - Sunday, 01 March 2015



Inkspoon creates one-of-a-kind, hand printed clothing featuring original visionary art. Their garments are sewn in small batches from quality fibers and their styles are unique and comfortable. Whether you are wearing your favorite Inkspoon piece to dance, party, work or stretch, you will be sure to catch eyes and turn heads. Browse through their online store and find the piece that best expresses your inner world. 


Cozy Winter Ensembles for Him
Written by Sonya Choron - Wednesday, 25 February 2015



Winter is in full swing here in Colorado, and warm clothing has been a necessity for a few months now. The holiday season has come and gone, and we may still be finding ourselves lacking a good sweater or jacket, or needing a new pair of jeans. Below are some sustainable resources for cozy separates to enhance your winter wardrobe.


Brand Profile: Steel Pony
Written by Eco Fashion World - Tuesday, 24 February 2015



Steel Pony is a collaboration of Dennis Wolk and Joanne Litz, both artists in their own right.  They came together and fell in Love with each other as well as handmade clothing.  They started their business in 1992, marketing their hand dyed, hand painted clothing at Art Fairs.  Since then, the line has grown into a collection of Artsy separates with a boho vibe.  The collection is constantly growing and shifting, but at its core it is an Artisan Design company making things by hand.  


Online Store Profile: Trash to Trend
Written by Eco Fashion World - Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Trash to Trend was founded by Reet Aus—a clothing designer who has been experimenting with upcycling since 2005. The web shop sells upcycled products (clothing for men, women, and children, accessories, and even furniture) by many different designers. They are constantly expanding the range of items, and they offer free shipping worldwide!  


Love is in the Air
Written by Eco Fashion World - Monday, 09 February 2015


What better way to treat yourself or shower your loved one with a special gift, than to purchase something sexy that is also made ethically?!?


Inspiring Change Through Design: The ABURY Design Experience
Written by Kerstin Tschernigg - Sunday, 01 February 2015



“It’s in your hands!” – Harper’s Bazaar Germany is presenting a unique open call to international fashion students and emerging designers to preserve world crafts and culture. The ABURY Design Experience is an annual contest in search of emerging designers to create an accessory capsule collection using traditional crafts knowledge from different cultures.



The Adventures and Vision behind Salty Bag
Written by Maria Perrou - Sunday, 25 January 2015



Every day, we use a variety of bags throughout our daily routines - to go for a walk, grocery shop, stroll around or travel. We do this without putting much thought into where each bag came from, how it was made, and by whom. The Salty Bag brand aims to infuse meaning into the bags we carry around with us all day by offering the unique story behind each and every bag they produce and sell. 


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