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Calling all Ethical Fashion Designers
Written by Eco Fashion World - Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Good Clothing Company is a US-based ethical fashion manufacturing facility, which has just opened its doors and is currently setting up shop. The focus: small runs and slow fashion. The company mantra: “We believe that less is more and green is best. From seed to sewn, we practice ethical sourcing and production methods.”  


Brand Profile: Jelt
Written by Eco Fashion World - Monday, 08 December 2014



Montana-native, Jennifer Perry created this product out of her own need as a busy mother of 2 and an active member of her community. She needed a belt that not only supported her busy lifestyle, but also fit on all of her pants including her active and ski wear. Since then she has been creating her self run business and perfecting her product! The Jelt design is very innovative and it was important to Jen that all of the materials be recycled.  


Lucia Eastman’s Venus Over Water
Written by Alyssa Couture - Monday, 01 December 2014



In fashion markets strewn across the globe, neutral and solid colors are always classic, timeless, and safe to wear. For someone who is searching for more expressive fashions, there is a developing sector, offering bold, vibrant, colorful looks. Traditional African prints, bursting with golds, blues, and purples have secured an inspiring place within this developing sector. It is maintained that there is a therapeutic element in wearing color and, as an expression of the innermost self, that it also has an empowering element. As beauty inspires, these are points difficult to argue with.  


Themis and Thread Partners with Forge Cellars
Written by Eco Fashion World - Wednesday, 26 November 2014



Themis and Thread has partnered with Forge Cellars, a winery in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. They are a small batch, artisanal, fine wine producer that has been in business for 3 years without selling a single piece of retail apparel with their name on it because generic, imported products do not appropriately represent their brand, story or mission. Together, Themis and Thread and Forge Cellars have designed a sleek piece of menswear with a fully transparent supply chain, based as geographically near the winery itself, as possible. 


Jennifer Fukushima at Circle Craft in Vancouver
Written by Eco Fashion World - Friday, 14 November 2014



November is here and studio 403 is in full gear for the holiday show and sale season. Designer, Jennifer Fukushima, is excited to be in Vancouver right now for the Circle Craft Christmas Market and paying a visit to extended family while on the coast. She is exhibiting her line of Canadian made sweaters at The Vancouver Convention Centre West from now through November 16. 


Brand Profile: Uchit
Written by Eco Fashion World - Thursday, 06 November 2014

Uchit is a lifestyle brand offering fine handcrafted home furnishings, linens & accessories made with sustainable yarns and low impact or plant based dyes. Their designs are modern yet timeless with clean lines and a lasting appeal. All products are handcrafted by their fair trade partners, women artisans at handloom cooperatives in India, whose ancestral craft and techniques help produce their heirloom quality products. In the process, highly skilled women artisans from marginalized communities can flourish while keeping the dwindling age-old tradition of handloom weaving alive.

Written by Maria Perrou - Monday, 03 November 2014



Generation Generous* has elected to use consumer power and a fashion accessory as tools of positive influence towards the goal of helping people and the environment. British born founder Natasha Marie Athanasiadou is the young entrepreneur behind this inspiring venture. 


Hellenic Ethical Eco-friendly Lab
Written by Maria Perrou - Wednesday, 29 October 2014



There is a «lab» located in Athens, Greece where experiments are conducted with colors, and playful designs are created for people who love to explore their limits in style. Hellenic Ethical Eco-Friendly Lab (HEEL) focuses on respect for nature and natural resources. One of their core vehicles for development is teamwork. They believe that together we can do more. I had the pleasure of speaking to the HEEL team, to get to know them better. 


Inspiring Conversation with Athena Bentila of MuMu organic
Written by Maria Perrou - Saturday, 25 October 2014

MuMu organic is an ethical brand committed to ethical style and fashion. Due to the place where the brand was established, art, nature and the cobalt-colored waters of the Aegean Sea are the main source of inspiration for the collections. Let’s take a mental journey to the Cyclades Islands to learn the story of this brand as I take you through my conversation with Athena Bentila, the CEO and Designer of MuMu organic.


Written by Debora Pokallus - Thursday, 16 October 2014

Before we relegate our disparaged clothing to the back of the closet or the landfill, what one may see as trash, may actually be a vintage treasure.  After all, vintage is enjoying a comeback. Second hand stores are booming, red carpets present designer archives, and independent designers are reimagining the old into something new.   Vintage is cool, economical and ecological.  Even *sotto voce* "mom jeans" are reappearing on the fashion scene, so with a deep breath, perhaps we should take a second look at the clothing that usually elicits an involuntary shudder.   Hmmm.  Dare we venture into a more sensitive realm and take another look at......the bathing suit? 

Paris Meets Woodstock in Singlestream
Written by Magaly Fuentes-Sagan - Sunday, 05 October 2014




Last year, two eco clothing designers with distinct aesthetics, Kathryn Hilderbrand of Green Line by K and Aiste of Devinto, met and instantly connected on the topic of fashion industry practices and how they felt they wanted to be part of a different side of fashion. During conversations, they decided to collaborate on a small capsule collection…each would design 3 pieces, staying true to the natural vision of their individual brands, while showing that a mix and match of the pieces created, could be cohesive in a chameleon-like way, allowing wearers to transform with each combination. The collection was fittingly named Singlestream. 



Responsible Fashion: Integrating Ethics and Aesthetics in the Value Chain
Written by Francesca Romana Rinaldi - Friday, 26 September 2014

The book “The Responsible Fashion Company” (Greenleaf Publishing, 2014) has been written for students, researchers, managers, professionals, and, of course, for LOHAS consumers, with the intention of raising awareness and providing information on how to manage eco-sustainability in fashion. 

Have You Shopped Tentree?
Written by Eco Fashion World - Monday, 22 September 2014



Tentree ensures that TEN trees are planted for every item purchased in their shop! Tentree offers casual wear, including tees, tanks, hoodies, long sleeved shirts, sweatpants, hats, and more.  Check out a few of our favorites!



Follow the Path of Komodo London
Written by Claudia Patrignani - Monday, 15 September 2014



Joe Komodo says, “I wanna save the world, I just make clothes.” Never more than today, after cries for help have been engraved on high street labels' garments, has their been such a need to say this statement loud and clear.



Emi & Eve: Upcycling Bullets into Accessories
Written by Ren Wan - Monday, 01 September 2014



Proving that fashion design elements can be problem-solving, Hong Kong-based Emi & Eve is an accessory maker who upcycles weapons reminiscent of the brutality of war.

Brand Profile: Faire Collection AND Contest
Written by Eco Fashion World - Tuesday, 26 August 2014



Designed in New York City, and brought to life by the hands of their fair trade artisan partners, in Ecuador and Vietnam, Faire Collection is a fresh interpretation of artisanal craftsmanship.

Founder, Amanda Judge and her team travel to remote corners of the globe to develop the skills of marginalized artisans, and to share with you their undiscovered talents.

Brand Profile: tentree
Written by Eco Fashion World - Monday, 25 August 2014



tentree is an environmentally progressive apparel company focused on protecting the future of our planet, and in tune with the pulse of today’s social media. Owned and operated by a group of passionate eco-minded individuals, tentree strives to provide ethically sourced, fashionable clothing while still giving back to the Earth.  


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