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Brand Profile: Razimus Jewelry
Written by Eco Fashion World - Tuesday, 08 July 2014



Razimus Jewelry: comfortable, handmade fabric jewelry designed for personality.  Razimus Jewelry is the brainchild of designer and owner, Virginia Fretto. Based near Saratoga Springs, NY, each innovative fabric jewelry design is hand made using vintage, upcycled or organic fabrics. Challenging traditional jewelry design to create comfortable & lightweight fabric jewelry,  Razimus Jewelry designs highlight the value of hand made and sustainable fashion accessories that will complete any look. Partnering with and sourcing materials from small businesses and artisan vendors, Razimus Jewelry works to create a supportive, sustainable supply community.

Online Store Profile: Bishop Collective
Written by Eco Fashion World - Monday, 07 July 2014



Bishop Collective is an online boutique that specializes in American manufactured fashion and home goods and provides a new take on the idea of American Made. The ever-changing collection pulls together some of the best eco-friendly brands in fashion for a refreshing approach to socially conscious design. You’ll find anything from zero-waste patternmaking to organic and locally sourced fabrics and of course, all domestically produced in sweatshop free factories. 

Brand Profile: Mariclaro
Written by Eco Fashion World - Thursday, 03 July 2014




Introduced by Sven Schlegel & Willa Murray, Mariclaro is an independent Canadian design brand making quality bags and accessories. The passion of Mariclaro lies in incorporating the history of recycled material into beautiful and functional accessories. Attention to detail, layers of history and ethics are present in each Mariclaro creation. The Mariclaro team believes you deserve a bag that lasts, is made sustainably and is uniquely beautiful.  


Artisan Resource: A Vital Link Between Artisans and the World
Written by Magaly Fuentes-Sagan - Friday, 27 June 2014



With an ever-growing appreciation and interest in products that are handmade, Artisan Resource® provides a vital link between those who create and those who are in search of special artisan-made items to inspire and sell in their place of business.

SHOKAY: Sharing the Magic of Yak
Written by Magaly Fuentes-Sagan - Friday, 20 June 2014



The yak is a long-haired herd animal found in the mountainous regions of Central Asia. This large, stocky animal has long curved horns and their hair has traditionally been used for various purposes. The outer hair has been used to make waterproof ropes and tents, while the soft inner down has been used for apparel and blankets. When a group of university students visited Western China in search of inspiration to start a social enterprise, they had no idea they would wind up building a fashion empire revolving around the magical yak.   

Brand Profile: Lozena
Written by Eco Fashion World - Wednesday, 18 June 2014



Lozena seeks to make responsible fashion synonymous with luxury fashion. The Bulgarian heritage of the founders is the inspiration behind their designs as well as the reason they chose to produce their garments in Bulgaria. The Lozena team wants the treasures of the Balkans to be known, and to put their country on the fashion map. Lozena pieces are elegant and whimsical with an emphasis on fit.  


MODA 360: A Revolution of Fashion Fused with Art and Video
Written by Eco Fashion World - Tuesday, 17 June 2014


MODA 360 premiers at The Carriage House Center for the Arts in New York City, June 30 - July 1, 2014 with vibrant presentations of art, fashion and video from across the globe. Anticipating future stops in Los Angeles and London; this concept represents the partnership of Bel Esprit and Showroom International with Fashions Finest, offering a unique off-season platform for independent international designers. The Bel Esprit Showroom showcases international designers of ethical fashion, and the sister showroom, Showroom International, presents the collections of international independent designers. The showrooms offer 30 years of industry experience identifying and assisting the needs of both designers and retailers to facilitate a strong business relationship. Bel Esprit promotes ethical principles through education to designers, retailers and consumers, and, through a number of global initiatives.

Modavanti Launches Sustainable Cosmetics and Beauty Vertical
Written by Eco Fashion World - Saturday, 14 June 2014



Modavanti.com, a long time member of the EFW family is a destination site for socially conscious fashionistas to find clothing that fits their values without compromising on style, now carries over 100 sustainable fashion brands. Just recently, Modavanti has launched a sustainable cosmetics and beauty vertical as it furthers its mission of becoming the premiere destination for the socially conscious consumer. With this new launch, Modavanti now has 18 cosmetic launch partners.   

Brand Profile: Remember Me Green
Written by Eco Fashion World - Friday, 13 June 2014



With a passion for fashion and as an advocate for “recycle, reuse,” Jillian – the daughter of a man whose company designs, fabricates, installs, and maintains signs in the New York area – began to wonder what happens to all the billboards once they are taken down. Since they feature so many unforgettable, innovative colors and images, she thought, couldn’t they be used creatively in some other way?

EveryOne Personal Care Line for Men
Written by Eco Fashion World - Wednesday, 11 June 2014

In the past, we wrote about EveryOne hand soaps, which come in an array of wonderful natural fragrances. There is no way to choose just one (you would be missing out). Just recently we discovered that EveryOne, the brand from Small World Trading Company which offers healthy, natural and organic personal care products for everyone and every body in the family, has several products geared specifically towards men. With Father’s Day coming up, we jumped on the opportunity to test these out for eco-Dads across the globe.  


Naturally Colored Organic Cotton
Written by Sonia Flotats - Tuesday, 03 June 2014



One of the main difficulties sustainable fashion designers encounter is in gaining access to 100% organic fabrics. So, when I heard the company Organic Cotton Colours - FOX FIBRE has decided to make it easier for fashion designers to have access to these types of materials, I did not hesitate to visit Santi Mallorquí, the new CEO of Organic Cotton Colours in Santa Cristina d'Aro (Girona, Catalunya), so he could tell me about the company's recent decision in greater detail.

Greenpeace Fashion Detox Manifesto Campaign
Written by Lindsay Bloom - Sunday, 01 June 2014



The ‘Fashion Detox Manifesto’ was started by Greenpeace back in 2011. The campaign came into fruition after a year long investigation, which the organization culminated into their ‘Dirty Laundry: Unraveling the Corporate Connections to Toxic Water Pollution in China ’ report. This report brings attention to hidden links between textile manufacturing facilities in China that emit hazardous chemicals into the water, and international brands like Adidas and Nike. Those two popular brands were the first to be challenged by Greenpeace to sign their detox manifesto and urge their suppliers to eliminate all toxic, persistent and hormone-disrupting chemicals from their products and production processes. It’s estimated that 17-20% of the world’s industrial water pollution comes from the dyeing and treatment of textiles.

Bags with a Mission
Written by Laura Molteni - Thursday, 29 May 2014



There are many ways in which fashion can be sustainable: simplifying, it can be produced using eco-materials (organic, recycled, vegan..) and/or be ethically produced, with respect for the people and the environment. But there's another dimension that some brands go through, and that entails for the product or line to have a philanthropic purpose. This means that collections are made following the principles just explained, but then a part of profits goes to fund humanitarian projects. I discovered many small objects are involved in this cause, like bags. These items are mostly sold online and for this reason a bag is generally easier to manage than garments, because you don't need to size it, it is easier to incorporate into your wardrobe and, above all, «every woman wants and "needs" more than one» as confessed to me by Megan Reilly Cayten, co-founder of the Catrinka Project, together with Sumana Setty and Amisha Patel.


Swapdom: Reducing Textile Waste
Written by Swapdom - Wednesday, 21 May 2014



According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a whopping 13.1 million tons of textile waste are sent by Americans to landfills every year (and that’s a stat from 2011!). While some of this waste is recovered for recycling and export, rescued and reused material only totals about 14% of clothes and shoes sent to the trash. Textile waste is a big problem. If this is news to you, you’re in good company, as almost 80% of Americans have no idea clothing waste is a problem in such dire need of addressing.  


Copenhagen Fashion Summit: The Anatomy of Sustainable Fashion
Written by Nora Locskai - Thursday, 08 May 2014



What makes fashion sustainable? At the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, with Actress Connie Nielsen at his side, Stefan Siegel, the Founder of the contemporary designer community, NOT JUST A LABEL unveiled plans to start a platform that helps young designers solve the challenges of the industry through sustainable design. 


Final Day of Eco Fashion Week Edition 8
Written by Jordan Krahn - Wednesday, 30 April 2014



There is that expression that we have all heard before, “go big or go home,” it is a phrase that describes the code for champions. It appears Eco Fashion Week took this to heart finishing off for the second season in a row at luxury retailer Holt Renfrew, hosting an in-store event in collaboration with Obakki alongside H Project’s new venture “Uncrate India.”    


Day 2 of Eco Fashion Week Edition 8
Written by Jordan Krahn - Tuesday, 29 April 2014



With a new venue this year, Eco Fashion Week turns up the elegance factor by displaying at the lavish Fairmont Waterfront Hotel in Coal Harbour, Vancouver. Day two brought us a much more exciting aspect of the whole event – backstage mayhem, the glitz, the glamour, models scrambling to get into their final look, as well cocktails and canapés. 


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