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Barefoot Eco Outfitters
Barefoot Eco Outfitters

The Essentials

The team at Barefoot Eco Outfitters believes there is something sacred about nature that brings you back to your authentic self. It doesn’t matter who you are, nature accepts you. Nature doesn’t judge. And they believe that sleeping under the stars with just the whispering wind or rush of a river to sing you to sleep invites you to appreciate your true self. For the team at Barefoot Eco Outfitters, that’s pure bliss. Maybe it is for you too.

They’ve thoughtfully created vintage-inspired designs that resonate with them and include elements that they hope will stir some happy memories in you too. They hope that their products will make you feel both part of a larger whole, and also aware of your own uniqueness and ability to shape our collective future. Ultimately, the hope of the team at Barefoot Eco Outfitters is that it will inspire you to get out there and make some memories of your own. From trail to sea, there is adventure to be had, and a planet to care for, so embrace your inner Trail Blazer! Barefoot Eco Outfitters is excited to be on this journey with you!

Nature has long been their personal refuge, their respite and their most inspiring source of recreation. Barefoot Eco Outfitters is committed to honor that in their products, practices and partnerships, and they hope to be a force of positivity and change through their donations to environmental/wildlife causes. When you purchase Barefoot Eco Outfitters products, you can be sure that they are kind to the planet. There are lots of ways to be earth-friendly! For example, they feature tees made with 100% organic cotton, a 50% organic cotton/50% RPET blend (made from plastic bottles), and a 70% viscose bamboo/30% organic cotton blend, all ethically made in the USA.


In addition to the use of earth-friendly materials and products made in the USA, Barefoot Eco Outfitters is also committed to shipping your products in packaging you can feel good about! Their degradable bubble mailers will break down in composting or in landfills in 5 – 60 months, yet are sturdy enough to get your products to you safely and with confidence. Their poly mailers are made from 100% waste, and are fully recyclable, and their clear product bags are 100% recycled, recyclable, and earth and archival-friendly. In addition, any insert cards or paper are 100% recycled, and the team at Barefoot Eco Outfitters hopes that you will carry on the effort by re-using or recycling all your packaging. That’s an extended partnership that is kind of cool to think about! You + Us = Change.


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