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The Essentials

BastetNoir.com’s ultimate goal is to give a helping hand to young and promising fashion talents coming from the Balkan region to showcase and sell their designs. One of the essential segments they are striving for is to develop a sustainable business by offering hip and trendy clothes made from fair traded, natural and recycled materials.



As a reputable and trusted business committed to offering its customers high quality products, Bastet Noir recognizes its obligation to ensure that suppliers and designers are operating ethically.
They expect their designers to provide an environment which protects their employees' health, safety and basic human rights.

Special attention is paid to:
•    Minimum age of employment
•    Health and safety
•    No discrimination
•    No harsh or inhumane treatment
•    Reasonable working hours
•    Fair rates of pay
•    Terms of employment

Bastet Noir will never knowingly source stock from designers which are in breach of the above principles.

All of the brands found on www.bastetnoir.com are eco friendly made locally in Macedonia. The materials used are mostly silk and cotton produced in Macedonia. Some of the labels are also recycling their leftover materials from previous collections to make their new collections.


Find and Flaunt!

Headquarters are in Skopje, Macedonia, but they offer international shipping.

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