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Eco Lustre Jewelry
Eco Lustre Jewelry

The Essentials

Helmed by a sister duo passionate about sustainability, artisan craftsmanship and lovely jewelry, Eco Lustre combines all three concepts into a destination filled with beautiful, eco-friendly, handmade jewelry available through a lush website, ecolustre.com.

Eco Lustre’s jewelry is expertly edited, hand-picked for its sustainability, use of natural materials, affordability and modern sensibility.Talented artisans featured by this online retailer are all based in the United States, and have a primarily local, limited distribution, making Eco Lustre one of the few outlets to bring them to national audiences.


Eco Lustre is able to offer sustainable jewelry as a direct result of partnering with environmentally proactive artisans.  These talented artists produce unique jewelry using recycled and vintage metals and other vintage materials, (it's amazing what can be done with the vinyl of an old record), use non-toxic, low energy artisanal methods, and maintain environmentally-friendly studio practices, exemplified, but not limited to proper chemical disposal procedures and scrap recycling.

Find & Flaunt!

NYC, US Based - National Shipping. International shipping available on request. Please contact service@ecolustre.com for details. 

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