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Ethica is an online retailer dedicated exclusively to socially and environmentally responsible designers. With a focus on emerging contemporary and luxury brands, customers can shop a variety of high-style ethical labels within a single portal. Visitors can navigate the site by ethical qualities, which include categories such as “Sustainable,” “Vegan,” and “Handcrafted.” A tab on each product page lets shoppers know exactly what is ethical about that item or brand.



All of the designers carried at Ethica ensure that their products are made in safe, healthy environments, where workers are treated and compensated fairly. These designers have also made demonstrable commitments to minimize their impact on the environment, give back to communities in need and generally pay it forward. Some of the most popular designers carried at Ethica include Ace & Jig, Samantha Pleet, Anton Heunis, Valentine Gauthier, A Peace Treaty, and AWAVEAWAKE.


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Free Carbon-Neutral Shipping on every U.S. order; flat-rate carbon-neutral shipping to Canada, E.U. countries, and Australia.
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