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Fair Trade Designs
Fair Trade Designs


The Essentials

Fair Trade Designs revolves around the idea that you can be a socially conscious shopper without sacrificing your style.  The on-trend jewelry, apparel, bags, and socks are sustainably produced and handcrafted under fair trade conditions by some of the world’s most impoverished workers.  The artisans meld indigenous skills such as jewelry making, weaving, and sewing with contemporary designs to create products rivaling those in any upscale boutique. 

In return, the artisans receive fair wages, pleasant and safe working conditions, healthcare, and business training, among the many other fair trade benefits.  You are connected directly with these artisans on the Fair Trade Designs web site, because the description of every product provides information about the person who made it.  And each item you order from Fair Trade Designs is shipped with the artisan’s story.


Fair Trade Designs only offers fashions made following fair trade principles including: 

  • Fair wages, often five times more than the average in local economies
  • Paying up front for raw materials
  • Assuring workers a significant role in business decisions  
  • Treating all workers equally, regardless of race, gender, or religious affiliation
  • Providing healthcare and education to both artisans and their families
  • Healthy, pleasant work conditions free of abusive practices and long hours

In addition, many of the products sold by Fair Trade Designs are made by survivors of human trafficking or child marriages.  The skills training they receive plays an important role in restoring their self-worth and putting them on the road to independent lives.

Fair Trade Designs products are made from a wide variety of eco-friendly, sustainable materials using environmentally responsible production methods:

  • The Rainforest Jewelry Collection features stunning pieces made from seeds of the sustainably harvested fruit of rainforest palm trees.
  • Scarves are made from cruelty-free silk, sustainably produced alpaca, and organic cotton.
  • Dyes are non-toxic.  
  • Colorful, recycled rice and cement bags are the raw materials for many of our purses.


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