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LUX & ECO was founded by Jacquelyn Willard and Andy Cotton who believe that luxury goods need not come at a great human or environmental cost. The mission of their site is to satisfy the needs of those who love a clean, modern, and elegant aesthetic, but who also want to participate in the preservation of our planet's precious resources.

LUX & ECO is the newest e-commerce site carrying "the finest in conscious living" and serves as a sales channel for luxury, sustainable products and services with a conscience.  The LUX & ECO website specializes in running exclusive promotional sales for high end eco brands on a private, timed basis. They are 100% eco friendly, with high ethical standards for the brands they take on and are always on the lookout for up and coming designers in the eco luxury world.

LUX & ECO carries fashion, shoes, accessories, home interiors, pet products, beauty products, transportation, gifts, and more.

In addition to promoting and growing the footprint of eco-conscious companies, LUX & ECO aspires to motivate traditional businesses to go green or to green sectors of their business.

To complement LUX & ECO's efforts to generate profitable business growth in luxury green living, they will donate 5% of all net profits to a charity of the consumer's choice.

LUX & ECO, “The Finest in Conscious Living”




LUX & ECO has joined the Eco Fashion World GUIDE in an effort to captivate interest from the dedicated and educated eco consumers who make up a large part of the EFW readership.  They do more than just check for certifications by conducting a thorough interview with their brands on production, materials, work environment, company culture, and the causes they support.  Very importantly, they want to know the main inspiration in the creation of the lines.  This allows them to tell the incredible stories behind the brands and their products on LUX & ECO, which they believe is key in spreading the message behind this movement.


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