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Global Organic Cotton Community Platform

This platform has been created for active members of the global organic cotton community to share conversations, knowledge and information about organic and fair-trade cotton. It is open to all interested people having a stake in the organic and fair-trade cotton area. There is no fee to participate, you can simply register and your account will be activated for log-in. Once registered you have full access to all previous discussions.

Green Is the New Black


A small country with large potential. The Netherlands are at the forefront of the ethical fashion movement. It’s the birth ground of one of the very first trendy eco labels Kuyichi. Organizations such as Made-By and Fair Wear Foundation operate from fashion capital Amsterdam. And all these developments are closely being monitored by a special newsletter which can be translated into ‘Green is the new black’.

YOI (Your Own Identity)

YOI-SMALL-LOGO.jpg www.yoi.nu

Many people nowadays have adopted a green lifestyle: because it’s cool, because it helps reduce global warming, because it makes them feel better. For many it’s a way to express their beliefs, passion and identity. Through their lifestyle, they can show who they really are. This philosophy is the starting point of the YOI foundation, based in The Netherlands.

WWF (World Wildlife Fund)


WWF is the largest (non-governmental) organization dedicated to nature conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources. One of WWF’s focus topics is fresh water and its use for the growth of cotton.

Wear Organic

wo-small.jpg www.pan-uk.org

Wear Organic is a campaign run by the Pesticide Action Network UK (PAN UK). Wear Organic aims to reduce the problems caused by pesticides used in cotton, particularly by promoting organic and fair alternatives. Wear Organic supports fashion students who work with organic cotton with sponsorships.

Organic Exchange


The Organic Exchange is a non-profit business organization focused on creating environmental and social benefits through the expansion of organic agriculture. The first project focuses on transitioning 10% of the world’s supply and demand of cotton to organic cotton within 10 years.


OEKOTEX-SMALL-LOGO.jpg www.oeko-tex.com

Confidence in textiles – an international synonym for responsible textile production – and the motto of the independent test institutes of the International Oeko-Tex Association. It refers to their tests for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 for textile products which pose no risk whatsoever to health.

Modebewust (Fashion Conscious)



Modebewust (Fashion Conscious) is a Dutch initiative that aims to inform, stimulate and support fashion schools with the integration of corporate social responsibility issues in educational curricula. Through sharing knowledge, exchanging teaching programs and organizing activities, Modebewust strives to contribute to greening the fashion industry.



MADE-BY is an umbrella label used by fashion brands and retailers to show consumers that their clothes are produced in a sustainable manner. The brands affiliated to MADE-BY use organic cotton and work with sewing factories that have a social code of conduct. The MADE-BY brands can be identified by means of a blue button.

Labour Behind the Label


Do you know that most of the clothes sold in mainstream stores have been made by workers earning wages that don’t even pay for food to feed their family? That workers who try to organize and improve the conditions in which they work, are persecuted, discriminated against, or lose their jobs?

IFAT (The International Fair Trade Association)


IFAT (The International Fair Trade Association) is a global network of Fair Trade Organisations, some of which trade in garments, textiles, and accessories. IFAT’s mission is to improve the livelihoods and well being of disadvantaged producers by linking and promoting Fair Trade Organizations.

Fashioning an Ethical Industry


Fashioning an Ethical Industry (FEI) is a UK based education project of Labour Behind the Label. The project works with tutors and students of fashion-related courses to give an overview of how the fashion industry positively and negatively impacts on working conditions.

Fair Wear Foundation

FAIRWEAR-SMALL-LOGO.jpg www.fairwear.nl

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) exists to promote fair labour conditions in the textile production worldwide. A growing number of textile companies are taking responsibility to improve their suppliers’ labour conditions. FWF has developed a code of conduct which these companies can adopt. In this way, inspections and improvement plans are carried out according to an approved process.

Ethical Trading Initiative


The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) is a UK based alliance of companies, NGOs and trade union organisations. The purpose of the ETI is to promote and improve the implementation of corporate codes of practice which cover supply chain working conditions.



Elsewear is a Dutch initiative to promote the most dominant fashion trend of our time: "Green is the new black". Green stands for environmentally friendly materials, clean production processes and good labour practices in the textile industry.



With a population of 170 million, Brazil has a lot of people to “eco dress”. That’s why we were delighted to hear about the Ecotece Institute. São Paulo based journalist Ana Candida Zanesco set up Ecotece as a tribute to Mother Earth. The institute’s logo, a tree inside a butterfly, is a reflection of her philosophy: everything is interconnected, by living a green lifestyle, you can make a huge difference (it’s The Butterfly Effect).

Better Cotton Initiative


The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is a voluntary program who’s vision is to enable millions of farmers around the world to grow cotton in a way that is healthier for the farming communities and the environment, and more economical


BAFTS-SMALL-LOGO.jpg www.bafts.org.uk 

BAFTS The British Association for Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS) is a network of independent fair trade shops across the UK, many of which stock garments and accessories.



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