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Better Cotton Initiative



The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is a voluntary program who’s vision is to enable millions of farmers around the world to grow cotton in a way that is healthier for the farming communities and the environment, and more economical

BCI encourages the adoption of better management practices in cotton cultivation to achieve measurable reductions in key environmental impacts, while improving social and economic benefits for cotton farmers, small and large, worldwide.

This global multi-stakeholder initiative recognizes the wide array of issues connected to cotton cultivation, each of different importance depending on regional circumstances. In order to effectively address the key negative impacts of cotton cultivation, BCI will act on the most significant issues, within certain cotton growing regions, while striving for continuous improvement and expansion of its activities to additional regions over time.

BCI's approach is to define 'Better Cotton' by establishing global principles and criteria that are applied through regionally specific implementation strategies and tools. BCI will use regionally-based indicators to measure the impact of the implementation strategies and tools as well as the overall success of BCI.

BCI's philosophy is to develop a market for a new mainstream commodity, where the boundary of its work is at the farm gate. BCI will not directly address global policy & trade issues but focus on building capacity rather than policing. BCI is not designed with a product label in mind and is complementary to Certified Organic and Fairtrade cotton.

Currently BCI is governed by a Steering Committee comprising of 20 global organisations including, but not limited to, producer organisations, trade & industry organisations, civil society, and international institutions. Current participating organisations are Adidas, Gap Inc., H&M, ICCO, IKEA, Organic Exchange, Pesticide Action Network UK and WWF.

BCI will engage with all stakeholders that support BCI's vision and mission as part of the process to establish global principles and criteria for 'Better Cotton'.

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