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With a population of 170 million, Brazil has a lot of people to “eco dress”. That’s why we were delighted to hear about the Ecotece Institute. Inspired by nature, São Paulo based journalist Ana Candida Zanesco set up Ecotece as a tribute to Mother Earth. The institute’s logo, a tree inside a butterfly, is a reflection of her philosophy: everything is interconnected, with your small contribution and by living a green lifestyle, you can make a huge difference (it’s The Butterfly Effect).

But to change our behavior we need to start somewhere. That’s why she set up Ecotece: to inform and inspire people to dress consciously. The Ecotece institute collects research on everything related to this topic, from info on fabrics to campaigns run by other organizations. It also develops projects to promote eco fashion. Finally it has compiled a large glossary of concepts related to green living.

In order to reach a Brazilian audience, Ecotece has translated the PAN UK video on organic cotton into Portuguese. And to help you make the first step to your eco friendly lifestyle , Ecotece offers products such as jewelry and T-shirts.

At the moment Ecotece is only available in Portuguese.

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