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Elsewear is a Dutch initiative to promote the most dominant fashion trend of our time: "Green is the new black". Green stands for environmentally friendly materials, clean production processes and good labour practices in the textile industry.

Elsewear advises textile companies on all aspects of sustainable clothing production, from policy making, to sourcing to labelling and marketing. The company advises on green fabrics, labour conditions, carbon reduction and compensation and waste management. Elsewear advocates realistic and practical solutions and connects you with the right partners. They are backed up by networks of 'green' spinners, knitters, weavers and CMT's, as well as experts over the world.

Many clothing companies are making interesting steps towards 'green' production practices. They report the news on the 'Green is the new Black' website: www.groenhetnieuwezwart.nl, in cooperation with a network of Dutch clothing companies, NGOs, textile trade associations and training institutes.

Elsewear has also started a project for small fashion companies and fashion designers. This is the 'Clean & Unique' project, comprising five information meetings in the Netherlands and the Clean & Unique Association. The association is launched so that small companies can benefit from collective memberships (for example from the Fair Wear Foundation) and fabric purchases.

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