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Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) exists to promote fair labour conditions in the textile production worldwide. A growing number of textile companies are taking responsibility to improve their suppliers’ labour conditions. FWF has developed a code of conduct which these companies can adopt. In this way, inspections and improvement plans are carried out according to an approved process.

FWF uses several methods to verify whether there have been real improvements in the labour situation. These include inspections in production companies (also called audits), a complaints procedure for workers, regular contact with various organisations in production countries and checking the member companies’ books.

Improving labour conditions is first and foremost the job of unions, governments and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the production countries. FWF supports this by working together with stakeholders in each country where members produce garments, using local auditors who check labour conditions in factories and consulting local organisations to assist with improvement plans.

FWF is an independent, non-profit organisation that has broad public support. The Foundation is an initiative of social organisations that seek practical improvements in the garment industry’s labour conditions through close cooperation with like-minded foreign organisations. The FWF Board consists of branch organisations in the fashion industry (Modint and Mitex), labour unions (FNV,FNV Bondgenoten and CNV), and NGOs (Clean Clothes Campaign, Oxfam Novib and Stichting Max Havelaar).

The FWF’s website lists member companies’ names and provides links to the website of each member.

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