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Fashioning an Ethical Industry


Fashioning an Ethical Industry (FEI) is a UK based education project of Labour Behind the Label. The project works with tutors and students of fashion-related courses to give an overview of how the fashion industry positively and negatively impacts on working conditions. FEI aims to inspire students - as the next generation of industry players - to raise standards for garment workers in the fashion industry of the future. FEI runs student workshops, organises tutor-training events, provides teaching resources and works with tutors to integrate ethical issues related to garment manufacturing into their teaching. The project has produced a range of fact sheets for students and tutors, providing background and case studies of the issues facing garment workers the world over.

Fashioning an Ethical Industry is guided and supported by a steering group that is made up of tutors and students of fashion-related courses from across the UK. As a student you can become a rep of the steering group in your school and as a tutor you can represent your university in the steering group. The ultimate aim of the project is to embed ethical issues into the curriculum of all fashion courses across the UK.

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