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Global Organic Cotton Community Platform









This platform has been created for active members of the global organic cotton community to share conversations, knowledge and information about organic and fair-trade cotton. It is open to all interested people having a stake in the organic and fair-trade cotton area. There is no fee to participate, you can simply register and your account will be activated for log-in. Once registered you have full access to all previous discussions.

As a Member of the Global Organic Cotton Community Space, you can look forward to:

  • quick responses to your questions on hot issues
  • saving time gathering information
  • staying up to date with the latest news
  • being part of a constantly evolving network of people working in the same field of interest
  • participating in shaping strategies in the global organic cotton sector
  • key learnings and summaries of discussions held in topic-specific online dialogues
  • Online Dialogues on Organic Cotton
  • Our overall area of interest is “organic and fair-trade cotton”. Within this thematic area topics to be discussed are defined by participants themselves, based on their needs and interests.
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