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Green Is the New Black




A small country with large potential. The Netherlands are at the forefront of the ethical fashion movement. It’s the birth ground of one of the very first trendy eco labels Kuyichi. Organizations such as Made-By and Fair Wear Foundation operate from fashion capital Amsterdam. And all these developments are closely being monitored by a special newsletter which can be translated into ‘Green is the new black’.

The ‘Green is the new black’ slogan has conquered the world of fashion since 2005. But unlike many fashion trends, green wasn’t only popular that year. Many designers and big fashion brands got inspired to explore opportunities to go green. ‘Groen het nieuwe zwart’ reports about brands that start using organics in their collections. It updates you on upcoming new designers and campaigns and the work of labeling organizations. Besides that, it has initiated Clean & Unique for young designers to enable them to collectively buy sustainable fabrics and become members of labeling organization Fair Wear Foundation. Unfortunately the newsletter is only available to Dutch readers, but that’s likely to change in the future.

‘Groen het nieuwe zwart’ is powered by Elsewear and VROM .

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