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Do you know that most of the clothes sold in mainstream stores have been made by workers earning wages that don’t even pay for food to feed their family? That workers who try to organize and improve the conditions in which they work, are persecuted, discriminated against, or lose their jobs?

Labour Behind the Label (LBL) is a campaign that supports garment workers' efforts to improve their working conditions. It raises the awareness of consumers, lobbies companies and governments and encourages international solidarity with workers. The research that LBL conducts gives visibility to the steps that big fashion brands are taking to improve workers’ rights. The LBL website contains introductory information about the problems, solutions and “greenwashing” that surround workers’ rights campaigning in the fashion industry.

In its FAQ list, LBL gives answers to pressing questions such as: “Which high street brands are ethical?” and “What’s a code of conduct?”

LBL members include trade unions and their local branches, consumer organisations, campaign groups, and charities. These organisations work together, through LBL, to achieve four aims:

  1. Raise public awareness and mobilise consumers.
  2. Pressure companies to take responsibility for workers' rights in the entirety of their supply chains.
  3. Support workers in their struggle for decent working conditions, including speaker tours and urgent appeals.
  4. Campaign for governments to take responsibility by legislating on corporate responsibility and in their role as consumers of work-wear.

One of the current campaigns of LBL is "Who Foots the Bill?" jointly run with Homeworkers Worldwide. The campaign aims to persuade companies including Clarks and Stylo to acknowledge the presence of homeworkers in their supply chains, ensuring that they work in decent conditions and have access to their rights.

LBL works together with similar campaigns across Europe and with partners in producer countries through their members. LBL is the UK platform of the Clean Clothes Campaign.

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