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MADE-BY is an umbrella label used by fashion brands and retailers to show consumers that their clothes are produced in a sustainable manner. The brands affiliated to MADE-BY use organic cotton and work with sewing factories that have a social code of conduct. The MADE-BY brands can be identified by means of a blue button.

MADE-BY helps brands clean up their manufacturing process. In association with Solidaridad - an expert in the field of fair trade and environmental practices – they develop production chains in which garments can be sustainably manufactured from start to finish. They have created supplier networks in India, Peru, North Africa and China as well as in Turkey and Eastern Europe. These networks include organic cotton projects, spinners and sewing factories, but also local NGO’s, unions and experts in the field of social and environmental conditions.

At the end of 2004, MADE-BY started working with its first two brands, Imps&Elfs and Kuyichi. At the start of 2007 the number of brands affiliated with MADE-BY had increased to twenty-four (based in The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Ireland), active all over the world. In cooperation with its partner Organic Exchange, Made-By has developed a track & trace system through which consumers can see where their garment has been during the different production stages.

In the near future, MADE-BY will focus on European growth. This way they can exert more influence on the garment industry. At the same time they can offer the consumer a wider choice in sustainably produced garments. While MADE-BY helps brands improve their production process, they can continue doing what they are good at, namely enticing consumers with a beautiful product. They create fashion while MADE-BY ensures they can do so in a responsible way. Brands affiliated with MADE-BY are amongst others: Edun, Komodo, Jackpot and Nomad.

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