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Modebewust (Fashion Conscious)




Modebewust (Fashion Conscious) is a Dutch initiative that aims to inform, stimulate and support fashion schools with the integration of corporate social responsibility issues in educational curricula. Through sharing knowledge, exchanging teaching programs and organizing activities, Modebewust strives to contribute to greening the fashion industry.

The website offers comprehensive background info on corporate social responsibility issues and developments in the fashion industry and in fashion education in particular. On the website you’ll find information on companies, organizations, schools and events all related to ethical fashion.

Modebewust started as a program initiated by the fashion department of the Arnhem Academy of Arts (ArteZ). In cooperation with YOI, ArteZ published a trade review on fashion consciousness in 2005. The booklet that carries the same title as the website deals with the issues of people, planet and profit within the fashion industry. It aims to inform and inspire fashion students and open doors to an ethical fashion career. The booklet was introduced to fashion schools in The Netherlands through a series of lectures. Since then, it has been used as educational material for fashion students all over the country. The Dutch booklet can be downloaded from the website.

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