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Wear Organic is a campaign run by the Pesticide Action Network UK (PAN UK). Wear Organic aims to reduce the problems caused by pesticides used in cotton, particularly by promoting organic and fair alternatives. Wear Organic supports fashion students who work with organic cotton with sponsorships. The webpage www.WearOrganic.org provides a consumer guide to (online) shops and brands selling organic cotton products. The information resource centre contains over 50 reports, articles, directories and videos on cotton and sustainability. One of the videos which can be viewed from the website is a documentary which shows organic cotton production in Benin, the health effects of pesticides used in conventional cotton and the power of consumers, with interviews from Beninese farmers, designer Katharine Hamnett, toxicologists and local doctors.

Pesticide Action Network UK (PAN UK) promotes healthy food, agriculture and an environment which will provide food and meet public health needs without dependence on toxic chemicals and without harm to food producers and agricultural workers.

PAN UK is an independent, non-profit organisation. They work nationally and internationally with like-minded groups and individuals concerned with health, environment and development. Their aims are to eliminate the hazards of pesticides, to reduce dependence on pesticides, prevent unnecessary expansion of their use and increase the sustainable and ecological alternatives to chemical pest control.

PAN UK uses several tools to reach its objectives. They publish unique and independent information on pesticides and they support research to promote better understanding of the cause and effects of pesticide problems. They promote effective and progressive policies to eliminate pesticide hazards. PAN UK supports projects with partners in developing countries to demonstrate the potential of organic production as a means of providing farmers with economically viable, socially acceptable and environmentally sound livelihoods.

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