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YOI (Your Own Identity)




Many people nowadays have adopted a green lifestyle: because it’s cool, because it helps reduce global warming, because it makes them feel better. For many it’s a way to express their beliefs, passion and identity. Through their lifestyle, they can show who they really are. This philosophy is the starting point of the YOI foundation, based in The Netherlands.

YOI stands for Your Own Identity: a joyous declaration, which is exactly what the people behind YOI want to carry out. Because being conscious about the planet doesn’t mean you can’t be happy. Especially not when there are so many great ethical fashion labels to be found. YOI started collecting the stories behind these labels in 2004 and has been doing so ever since. With eco fashion samples sent to them from different places around the world, they organized fashion shows and shoots for magazines. Hiphonest (trendy fashion that has been produced in an honest way for human beings and the environment) was the term coined by YOI to describe ethical fashion. By organizing workshops and creating films, YOI raised awareness of hip and honest fashion. The educational effort was materialized in the co-development of Modebewust, a lecture and workshops program for fashion students.

These incentives made the demand for ethical fashion products grow and people started asking where they could buy it. For this reason YOI opened a guerilla store selling Hiphonest fashion in November 2005. The concept of Hiphonest has been picked up by many organizations in The Netherlands and has grown into a website with news and activities on hip and honest fashion .

YOI means good in Kantji Chinese and that’s certainly the vibe you feel when you visit their website!

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