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Eco Fashion World's GUIDE is your essential resource to sustainable designer brands and online eco fashion stores. Click on any search button above to help you find what you're looking for. Being a green shopper and a sustainable fashionista has never been so easy.

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Modavanti: Moving Fashion Forward


Rock Me Amadeus by Knotty Gal

Adam Clancy, Director of Operations for Modavanti, gives EFW a closer look at how Modavanti came to be, the motivating factors behind the company's successes, what they have their sights set on for the future, AND some of their TOP PICKS FOR FALL.

Transforming the World Through Denim



What is more classic, comfortable and cool than a great pair of jeans? Bluer Denim encompasses romance, comfort, durability, ethics, rebellion and a revolutionary spirit. Jeffrey Todd Shafer, Founder of Bluer Denim, took a 'time out' to chat with Eco Fashion World and share his story about the birth and soul of the label and his hopes to transform the world through denim.


Milan's So Critical So Fashion Shows Continued Growth & Success


Dress “She is rainbow” designed by Giulia Sambinello

Now in its fourth edition, So Critical So Fashion surprised with an increase in beautiful and valued brands. This event (organized in Milan once a year in conjunction with the Fashion Week) dedicated to sustainable and ethical fashion is open to the public, but the press, many bloggers and buyers also flock the event to discover new talents.

Brand Profile: HoseWear



HoseWear makes bags and accessories out of decommissioned fire hoses. The material would otherwise find its end being dumped to landfill or burnt (ironic, huh?). Each fire hose has a life saving story to tell and so do their bags and belts. In their short history they have saved over 30 miles of fire hoses and sold their products to over 30 countries worldwide. 


Jhane Barnes: Eco-conscious Designer Eyeglasses

We’ve all heard lots of things about the benefits of choosing organic, whether it’s the food we eat, the skincare products we use or even the clothes we wear, but eyeglasses? For most of us, this isn’t something we think of when we hear the word organic; because, let’s be honest, we all wear those plastic frames that are well, not very environmentally friendly. But with this innovative designer, I’m pretty sure you’ll be amazed by what she uses for her line of organic frames. 

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