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We’re ready to shed our layers and step into spring with some fresh new clothes. Each of the trends we picked was inspired by a different source, and this time, we’ll let you in on the way an editor’s mind works when putting these together! “Lemon and Lime” began as a dress obsession when we spotted the lime sheath below at Ethos during the Prêt-à-Porter salon in Paris, we weren’t surprised to see that others had picked up on this color obsession when we saw it on Garance Doré’s blog!


In 2001, my old roommate moved to NYC, to Williamsburg to be more precise. A year later, she came back for a visit looking even cooler than she had when we lived together. Turns out she was under a lot of pressure, the locals had playfully nicknamed her Bedford Ave. subway stop “the catwalk”. She was also the one who introduced me to street fashion magazines, which back then, were only popular in Japan. The underground catwalk was already taking shape.

The Fibre Issue, January 2009

This month, we’re indulging our inner eco geeks by celebrating the International Year of Natural Fibers! Says who? The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has chosen 2009 as the Year of Natural Fibers with various activities around the globe to raise the profile of these fibres, to emphasize their value to consumers while helping to sustain the incomes of the farmers.

Talking about farmers, John Patrick, our designer profile, is so obsessed with finding the purest fibers for his collections that he’s going back to the land to grow his own special crops! Of course, we’re bound to be a little partial but take it from the Vogue’s mouth, he’s the Calvin Klein for this millennium!

If all this talk of fiber is still a bit All Bran for your taste, let our resident scholar Kim Poldner take you on a worldwide tour of these Flourishing Fibers, you’ll see that the clothes that we wear and the food that we eat are indeed very closely related.

See how designer are using all these exciting ancestral materials to create some of today’s sexiest clothes and accessories with our Favorite picks for Men and Women.

One such brand is Ekyog, who has materialized natural fiber fashion in its 21 boutiques in France and the UK. “Au naturel” made easy, accessible and chic? More please!


"Everyone designs who devises courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones", this is the definition of the word "designer" provided by psychologist Herbert Simon.  And as far as fashion designers go, John Patrick is certainly a powerful force for changing the existing situation! The Vogue-CFDA nominee works from the root up and from the inside out to create a line that gives all its meaning to the term Organic.


It’s green, it grows in the wild, it stings and you can make fabric out of it. Guess what it is! It’s stinging-nettle, a plant that most of us would have never imagined making fabric from. But nettle fiber is not the only thread that triggers our imagination; nowadays you can indulge in many luxurious fabrics weaved from the most exotic plants. To celebrate the Year of Natural Fibers, we take you on a little trip around the world to highlight some of our favorite discoveries. Whether you're a designer or simply a fashion addict, you're going to love these fibers and fabrics!

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