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Eco Fashion World's GUIDE is your essential resource to sustainable designer brands and online eco fashion stores. Click on any search button above to help you find what you're looking for. Being a green shopper and a sustainable fashionista has never been so easy.

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What to wear in any situation? Try cotton, wool, and recycled fabrics. Get in a blue state of mind with gear in shades from navy to aqua. Take an inspiration from the practical-minded military, and find clothes that function even better then they look. It's an iconic, timeless look that can be dressed up or down for maximum value.


The versatility of natural fibers materializes in romantic, free-wheeling, folkloric styles and hard rocking and chic looks, as well as everything in between. Glam pieces mix so well with basics, feeling luxurious and cultivating personal style has never been easier. It's all in the hemp, tencel, wool, organics, and new-to-you fabrics like sisal and Lenpur. Don't say gray is the new black, just say it goes with almost everything and comes in more shades to work with.


That French women are the embodiment of effortless chic, everyone knows. But what might be less common knowledge, is that behind that polished exterior, often lies an opinionated activist. Rarely one to shy away from debate and defending her values, a French woman will gladly talk to you about politics or culture, and while you look profoundly interested, in fact, you’re just trying to figure out how she does that thing with her scarf.


And you have! It's time to look at the year behind you and give yourself a big old pat on the back, open that champagne and take a moment to look at what you've accomplished!

What? Who? You don't remember doing anything special?… I'm not so sure about that! Think real hard, did you do at least one of these things this year: Feel the thrill of vintage shopping? Buy a gift in a fair-trade shop? Choose some organic cotton underwear instead of some made from conventional cotton? Carry a reusable bag for your shopping? Said no to fur? Cleaned out your closet and gave your unwanted items to a charity shop?

The Celebration Issue, December 2008

Green glitter is in the air, it’s time to celebrate! Last month, Americans made the whole world proud and hopeful by coming together to vote for a new president who represents a real potential for change. Some may say that nothing brings people together like adversity, but the electric current that swept through the world on November 4th was pure joy. So before we pull up our sleeves in the new year to face the challenges ahead it’s time to let our hair down, put on a party dress and celebrate the end of this extraordinary year!

When it comes to party dresses, you could do worst than the stunning red number on our cover, a creation of Ada Zanditon, a new British designer whom we predict will soon take the fashion world by storm, and just happens to be a real eco warrior! If you still want to shine like a star but you have something more subtle in mind, check out our online store of the month EcoCitizen, don’t be fooled by the serious name, the fun spirit of this boutique translates into covetable threads for your inner activista. We’ve also searched far and wide to find the best eco party dresses, ethical formal wear, green jewels, head turning sustainable accessories and other sleek organic goodies, for ladies and gentlemen! But we all know looking fabulous can only take you so far, for your mental happy pill come with us as we take you on a world wide panorama of the year in eco fashion. We guarantee that you will get excited and empowered to see just how much of a difference all your actions can add up to!

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