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Eco Fashion World's GUIDE is your essential resource to sustainable designer brands and online eco fashion stores. Click on any search button above to help you find what you're looking for. Being a green shopper and a sustainable fashionista has never been so easy.

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A simple black outfit turns into a celebration hit with these funky accessories!


Classic black & whites with festive accents give you a smooth party look.


Raise a toast to yourself and contemplate how far ethical fashion has come when you discover online boutique Eco Citizen. This store is about feeling good about your choices and finding purpose in the whims of fashion. Never has there been such an array to choose from, and the options just keep getting better—as evidenced by their high-end offerings. The front page’s lively display of tinted photos showcasing real eco citizens wearing the boutique’s ethical fashions pops with the excitement of genuine enthusiasm for the clothes and what they represent.

The Office Issue, November 2008

A pencil skirt, a tailored jacket, a crisp white shirt, nothing says grown up sophistication like a sharp suit. After breaking the myths that eco clothing is drab with our Color Issue and that nothing sustainable comes out of China with our China Issue, EFW is now out to prove that ethical designers do it better in the boardroom.

As we are realizing the devastating effects of an un-sustainable economy, ethical business and transparency will hopefully become the new norm. And in looking for alternative solutions we can do worst than learn from the trail blazing experiences of green designers. We sat down with one such innovator to get the inside scoop: Izzy Lane’s Isobel Davies is the creative force that’s bringing British suits back to their roots. If wool and tweed is not your thing, we’ve found many more sensational picks worthy of today’s working girls from Oslo to LA. By popular demand, we’ve also introduced some of our favorite pieces for all you fashionably green men. Of course, you can shop these items in many of the great stores featured in our guide, but don’t miss London e-boutique Devidoll, where you will find your office ensemble with a good dose of individuality…just because you wear sheep’s wool does not mean you want to follow the flock!

Izzy Lane: The Good Shepherd

Although less than two years old, Izzy Lane is the up and coming British label that has the ethical fashion world a-buzz. With luxurious materials and timeless silhouettes, Izzy Lane offers the green answer to modern working women’s dilemmas. In the wake of her recent RSPCA Good Business Award, we caught up with founder Isobel Davies to chat about style, sustainability and the sheep that inspired it all. Find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about wool but never dared to ask!

Business Models On The Catwalk

Just like the first industrial revolution started in the fashion industry, so will the second that leads us to sustainability.” (William McDonough and Michael Braungart, authors of Cradle to Cradle)

NO, NO, NO was the word popping all over Victor & Rolf's last collection. Whether painted on the models’ faces or embossed in 3D on a jacket, it was time for a catwalk statement: NO to the disposable culture of fast fashion.

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