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Eco Fashion World's GUIDE is your essential resource to sustainable designer brands and online eco fashion stores. Click on any search button above to help you find what you're looking for. Being a green shopper and a sustainable fashionista has never been so easy.

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Business Models On The Catwalk

Just like the first industrial revolution started in the fashion industry, so will the second that leads us to sustainability.” (William McDonough and Michael Braungart, authors of Cradle to Cradle)

NO, NO, NO was the word popping all over Victor & Rolf's last collection. Whether painted on the models’ faces or embossed in 3D on a jacket, it was time for a catwalk statement: NO to the disposable culture of fast fashion.

Power Dressing at Devidoll

The British are coming? Fortunately, Brits have already arrived when it comes to sustainable shopping. London has emerged as a real hub of the eco fashion world, and DeviDoll is a quintessential ethical online boutique capturing the eclecticism and intelligence of the London fashion scene.

Working Girl

Whether your sartorial model is a traditionally polished Kim Novak in Vertigo or a sexy and edgy Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, there’s an eco designer out there who’s got just what you need. From tweed to tencel, from hemp to bamboo meet the creators that have got your back covered in the business jungle!

New Man

Men, we’ve heeded your call, ask and you shall receive! Organic cotton shirts, machine washable suits, elegant vegan accessories, hemp suits? We found them all for you, now all you have to do is take your pick!

Useless-Design by Ma Ke

USELESS-THUMBNAIL.jpg Amidst the controversy and the clichés, one can sometimes forget that China is also a country with a rich ancestral spiritual tradition. A tradition that can sometimes resurface in the most surprising places, like in the work of one of China’s most successful designers: Ma Ke. Following her intuition of creating simple organic designs using sustainable fabrics and hand made artisan production, Ma Ke has fashioned two unique collections. Launched in 1996, Exception de Mixmind is a line of sophisticated minimalist daywear distributed in 58 namesake stores and corners throughout China. Ma Ke’s latest endeavour Wu Yong (Useless) was invited to launch at Paris Fashion Week in 2007 and has since been accumulating accolades from the design and art communities. Ma Ke was awarded the title of ‘Best Asian Fashion Designer’ at the 2007 Elle Style Awards. In 2008 she was invited to show her work at London’s prestigious Victoria&Albert Museum and at Paris Haute Couture Week. She is also the subject of the film “Useless” by Jia Zhang-Ke, a poetic documentary contrasting the artful creation of Ma Ke’s collection with the lives of China’s garment factory workers. We caught up with Ma Ke in an online interview.

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