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Edition 8 of Eco Fashion Week



The 8th edition of Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver, taking place April 27-29, is trimming its final edges and shaping up to be one of the most unique seasons yet. Change is good, it is your ally and Eco Fashion Week is settling into a new way to showcase eco-fashion and the diversity of the garment industry. The event is focusing on exploring new opportunities, forming new partnerships, new venues and living off the motto “Fashion For Life, Not For Waste.” Eco Fashion Week once again will instill change and provoke a collective desire to thrive in an eco-friendly world.


Brand Profile: Chilpa



The Essentials

Chilpa offers more than just (Mexican) scarves and shawls...Chilpa was born in 2013 in Nunhead, London with Mexican roots. At Chilpa they believe in quality design made by people who get a fair price for their work. The founders of Chilpa fell in love with rebozos (this type of scarves and shawls) because they combine centuries’ old techniques with contemporary design. Chilpa's rebozos are 100% cotton, handwoven with skill and love in Tenancingo, a town 90km outside of Mexico City and one of the last places where rebozos are still made by hand.


Meet Kathryn Hilderbrand



If you are up to speed with the slow fashion community, chances are you have heard of Kathryn Hilderbrand or at least one of the projects she is currently spearheading. Hilderbrand is a radiant soul who devotes an innate and positive intensity to everything she does. Her staunch dedication to the slow fashion movement is evident. Hilderbrand perfectly melds her passion for conscious fashion with her tremendous talents, while pursuing her childhood dream to create beautiful things.  


Texture Blends by Renli Su



Renli Su may very well be one of the first Chinese designers (if not the first) on the international arena who is clearly committed to sustainable fashion. The Renli Su installation or tableau at Fashion Scout would probably be relevant as an image of peasant China, or a musing of a Pre-Raphaelite or John Millais painting. Pastoral completely. I think it's about time we have a pastoral comeback on the fashion front; the last really huge one must have been at the time of the 'Laura Ashley' era. Renli Su's inspiration for the collection, however, is derived from the textures of Brazilian artist Mira Schendal.

Brand Profile: dikokore designs




The Essentials

dikokore designs brings colorful grass bracelets from Benin in West Africa to the US. They work with a cooperative of over 30 women who hand weave these bracelets in a tradition that is several centuries old. The bracelets are strong, light and unique, and the little quirks and intricacies of each bracelet are an important part of this hand-crafted work: they show the intimacy and uniqueness of each woman.


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