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Plastic Bottles: The New Technofabric?



It seems absurd.  But plastic bottles have already succeeded in becoming the new polyester.  Or, I should say, the new improved polyester. 



Brand Profile: GREENOLA Style




The Essentials


GREENOLA Style's art-driven, travel inspired designs celebrate artisan skill while respecting cultural heritage and the earth. Each GREENOLA Style purchase transforms a woman's life, directly empowering her and her family to rise above poverty.


Re-Made in Italy: Showing the Critical Role of Fashion


Federica Righini choker

On September 6th 2013, Alter Equo and Riscarti Fest brought the special presentation Re-Made in Italy to the Isola del Cinema, the summer cinema festival taking place in the beautiful Isola Tibernia. In this historic setting on the island in the river Tiber (once the sacral "ship" where Romans worshipped the river as a source of abundance and trade), artists presented multi-media work reflecting the change in lifestyles and consumer habits towards environmentally respectful practices and our place as stewards of nature's resources. 


Up-cyclers Push for More Exposure in the U.S.



Just last month, history was made. As artist, Mark Samsonovich stated, “A group of designers came together to create an event centered around the expression of modernity and sustainability through technology, fashion, and art.”  This coalescing of ideas is certainly not new. What made this event a precedent was found in where and how the designers sourced their materials. 


Josh Rosebrook Partners with Mother Earth to Deliver Truly Natural Beauty



Josh opened his first salon in Portland, Oregon, when he was 10 years old.  He found an antique barber’s chair in the basement and soon he was styling, coloring and fixing the hair of all the kids in the neighborhood. His interest in skin care came a few years later. Josh’s endless curiosity with regard to blending wholesome, natural ingredients to achieve radiant results with hair and skin has resulted in pure magic. Josh Rosebrook Skin and Hair Care continues to set new standards in the beauty industry, giving a new meaning to the term “natural beauty.”  


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