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Eco Fashion World's GUIDE is your essential resource to sustainable designer brands and online eco fashion stores. Click on any search button above to help you find what you're looking for. Being a green shopper and a sustainable fashionista has never been so easy.

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5 Lessons Learned Through The Journey of Ethical Entrepreneurship



The journey from concept to creation is challenging, especially when coordinating with artisans from a different country. For example, during monsoon season and during cold damp days, we are forced to put our production process on hold, because our fabrics rely heavily on good weather. After many sleepless nights and feeling like I am literally putting my sweat and tears into my work, I have learned some valuable lessons.

Lastbutnotleast, An Eco-Manifesto on Your Big Day



It’s a question asked by many eco-conscious women, myself included… What would I wear? You want to look your best on your wedding day, but you just don’t feel right about buying a fancy Vera Wang gown and then letting it sink into your wardrobe. Mum’s or Gran’s vintage gown contains special meanings, but not contemporary aesthetic and perfect fit. Gown rentals don’t always promise individuality. The bold upcycled bridal collection by emerging Hong Kong-based upcycling design studio, Lastbutnotleast is a daring experiment with an environmental conscience and distinctive style.   


Celebrate World Water Day: Support the Liquid Courage Campaign



Water has a lot more to do with fashion than just bikinis and doing laundry. It takes 2900 gallons of water to grow enough cotton for one pair of jeans! So, here’s a good question: water covers 70% of our planet but how much of that water is drinkable and accessible? 


The EcoChic Design Award - Activism for Sustainable Fashion




Market environmentalism holds some truism. Because consumers respond more quickly, they are a more reliable force to initiate eco-conscious changes than institutions. The success of the most recent EcoChic Design Award was an encouraging example.

Online Store Profile: Enjoy Karma



Enjoy Karma is an online Eco-friendly boutique that sells eco organic clothing, accessories, jewelry, and unique finds with ethical standards, purpose, and style.  To the Enjoy Karma team, a woman’s Karma is determined by her choices and actions.  Fashion and style is a big part of a woman’s personality, energy, and lifestyle.  Enjoy Karma offers women’s clothing, accessories, jewelry, and more.   It’s a purchase with purpose! 


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