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Written by Magaly Fuentes - Wednesday, 03 February 2010

Using celebrity power to make good things happen is not a new concept. A face that is already in the spotlight, a name that is well-known worldwide, a person that people respect and admire – when some one who fits that description speaks, people listen.

The Green Revolution stretches across the globe on a mission to raise awareness and influence change. An important element in this journey has been celebrity support, promoting empowerment and encouraging people to make those changes.

It’s not about following the rules or flowing with what is increasingly becoming the mainstream, it’s about boldly standing up for what is right and making a real difference, hopefully leaving a legacy we can be proud of.

Demonstrating that beauty only takes you so far, while intellect and passion push you to boiling point, here are some Eco-It girls who deserve an honorable mention:


Daryl Hannah – a vegetarian, actress and activist, has made the headlines for her heroic real-life role in saving the planet. Hannah was filmed drinking the biodiesel which fuels her car and later licking the fuel tank cap to bring attention to the importance in finding alternatives to petroleum fuels. Hannah also made headlines after being arrested for protesting with over 350 farmers and chaining herself to a walnut tree for three weeks to save farmland in South Los Angeles from being destroyed by new owners/developers looking to build a warehouse in its place. Hannah lives in an off-grid home made of recycled materials which runs on solar power, grows her own food watered with gray water, and drives a biodiesel powered El Camino. As a board member for the Environmental Media Association, which serves as a liaison between the entertainment world and the environmental community, Hannah serves actively and relentlessly. In her latest mission against mountaintop removal mining, Daryl Hannah is proving once again that pulling all the stops is exactly what she is willing to do. Visit her video blog where she shares her interests and keeps guests informed of her passionate and undeniably admirable environmental involvement.

Deservingly dubbed the first eco-model, Summer Rayne Oakes has given a whole new meaning to the term “down to earth beauty.” A self taught naturalist with Bachelors of Science in Natural Resources and Entomology from Cornell University, Summer Rayne has strategically aligned her modeling career with environmental causes. Although she is most well-known for her work related to sustainable fashion, Oakes is actively involved in programs directly focused on climate change, forest restoration and ecosystem protection. Summer Rayne is also a spokesperson for Planet Green, a channel run by Discovery Communications that is wholly dedicated to eco-friendly living.


In discussion of eco-fashion, many roads lead to the queen of sustainable chic, designer Stella McCartney . As the daughter of two famous vegetarians who follows a strict vegetarian diet herself, McCartney has built an extremely successful high-end clothing empire without leaving her moral values behind. McCartney is an outspoken animal lover who refuses to use real fur or leathers in any of her collections, only wears cruelty-free clothing, tries to eat organic food, and has facilitated the transition to Ecotricity in both her home and work spaces. Stella McCartney also strongly supports PETA in her devout quest against the unethical treatment of animals.


Beautiful, inspiring, and sensitive to the lack of knowledge regarding the state of our ecosystem, model and actress Cameron Diaz is determined to have an impact on our planet through her work. Diaz, a known environmentalist who drives a Prius , pays carbon offsets for her travel, recycles, and is mindful of materials used to create the things she uses, has been working on a documentary shedding light on issues regarding toxins in air and water. Diaz travels to different locations across the United States and interviews locals in each of the areas to learn more about their relationship with the planet. Further inspired after attending the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference last year, Diaz has embarked on a journey to push people to not just ask questions but find answers and act toward positive change.

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