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Lucia Eastman’s Venus Over Water
Written by Alyssa Couture - Monday, 01 December 2014



In fashion markets strewn across the globe, neutral and solid colors are always classic, timeless, and safe to wear. For someone who is searching for more expressive fashions, there is a developing sector, offering bold, vibrant, colorful looks. Traditional African prints, bursting with golds, blues, and purples have secured an inspiring place within this developing sector. It is maintained that there is a therapeutic element in wearing color and, as an expression of the innermost self, that it also has an empowering element. As beauty inspires, these are points difficult to argue with.



Emerging fashion designer, Lucia Eastman, through her brand Venus Over Water, specializes in African printed fashions using fair trade fabrics from her original home in Ghana, Africa. Eastman incorporates influential ethnic roots with the African-American style she has personally adopted in her new home in New York City. Her designs are elaborate with beautiful textiles and her ethical focus is in supporting African women through her sourcing of materials created within a fair trade environment.



Eastman’s father was an architect and her mother was a seamstress. She later studied architecture herself, prior to transitioning to the world of fashion. Her former home of Ghana and her love of culture are her primary inspiration, translated into bright African prints integrated with American style to create her collections. When asked who the Venus Over Water woman is, Eastman says, “Like Venus hovering over water, she is beautiful and composed - a true lady who is happy with her life, loved and in love.” When speaking about how Venus Over Water came to be, Eastman says,“Venus Over Water was born out of those impulses from my initial days in the US: trying to reconnect with my culture and life in Ghana while capturing this dynamic feeling of being so alive when simply walking around New York City.”


Venus Over Water is representative of an emerging fabric focus - the use of bold and bright colored ethnic prints. Eastman’s designs, however, capture much more… modernity, versatility, ethical factors in the use of fair trade fabrications, and a preservation of tradition from her original home in Africa. For more information, please visit the Venus Over Water website


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