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Written by Sandra Castañeda Elena - Wednesday, 04 February 2009

My good friend -and excellent photographer, Pablo Wünsch Blanco www.auslandia.com and myself, came across Baruc Corazón timeless cotton shirts about this time of the year, just two years ago. We were wandering the streets of the Chueca district, downtown Madrid, when the entrance of a brand new cozy store called 3 Góngoras caught our eyes. Curious and hungry for beauty as we are, we went in to discover Baruc’s permanent collection: a set of shirts, kurtas and kaftans which has recently expanded to relaxed jackets and pants, and elegant polo-shirts and blazers. Since then, Baruc’s name has been in and out my professional life as one of Spain’s most visionary designers and certainly one of the most meaning driven. His garments stand out for their exquisite natural fabrics, smart, durable and unisex cuts, and the feeling you are purchasing something for the rest of your life. A true contender for both slow fashion and aesthetics. Just yesterday, I entered Baruc’s showroom and store in Madrid for the first time and I could experience all of those qualities exuding from each and every piece, the warmth in the atmosphere, rounded up by the interior design and the attentive and joyful service of his assistant – who happened to be an old student of mine from IED. Pure joy.

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