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Written by Sandra CastaƱeda Elena - Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Attending trade shows throughout the year gives you some hints as to where we should be looking at when it comes to a more sensible fashion scene in the future. If I had to pick one personal highlight from the last edition of Texworld – held in Paris just last week, I’d say meeting Lena Swiadek, editor-in-chief of GoodLife Poland, a fresh eco lifestyle magazine from Poland. Lena browsed the fair looking for insights on new and eco fabrics with a big smile and a remarkably bright look in her eyes. Those of a seriously passionate and committed one. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Moreover, as suggested in a recent EcoTextile News article (Feb. 2010, pg. 25, by Simon Ferrigno) the emerging markets of Eastern Europe and South East Asia will most likely be playing a key role in pulling up demand for organic cotton in the following years -notwithstanding the strong continued demand from the well established markets in Europe and the US. We should be looking east, definitely.


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written by Fashion Retailer, February 28, 2010

fashion is always repeating if not often..

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