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Written by Sandra CastaƱeda Elena - Wednesday, 01 April 2009

It is the second time I have the opportunity to sit and chat with Aurelien Conty, founder of Mision Misericordia a cool brand (very popular amongst fashionistas) made in Peru with strong social and environmental principles at its core. And it is the second time I get struck, almost paralyzed, by his powerful determination, his courageous ways, his boldness, the will power exuding from the way he expresses himself. Whether he likes it or not, I see him as a true social entrepreneur. I've seen the guys from Misericordia around a few times by now and I get all excited when I meet one. They might be called crazy by some, and they are, in fact, pretty unreasonable for the average business person, for they are driven by a strong will to make the world a better place for life. As they are gifted with astounding skills, they must also face the challenges of pronounced pitfalls. The plight of a genius, I call it. But I love that they exist and admire them without limits.

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