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Beklina Store

If you’re going to San Francisco these days, you might want to wear a little more than flowers in your hair. (Those west coast girls are hip, we really dig those styles they wear!)

So…where do you find the perfectly edited wardrobe to get that chic laidback California look? Look no further than Beklina’s little jewel of an online boutique. With a taste for trends and an eye for detail, this three-women family operation has created their dream closet and, luckily, opened it wide to us.

The first thing that catches our eye is the neat, uncluttered aspect of the site. The selection is not overwhelming and the presentation is well organized.

So what’s in store? It all starts with great basics: easy luxe sweaters by Stewart+Brown, crisp pastel dresses by Loyale and the sexy-comfy combo of the ultimate Frisco girls from She-Bible. But the hip factor goes through the roof when you mix those with some great patterned tops from watercolor artist Virginia Johnson, geometric patterned separates from Mociun or bright colorful accessories by Ivana Helsinki or Ronni Kapos. Another of Beklina’s west coast discoveries worth mentioning is Seattle-based Prairie Underground, a label that could be the organic lovechild of Martin Margiela and Stella McCartney for Adidas. And if you still want more, their lovely “Paper & Nest” section is worth the detour.

In their own words “Beklina believes clothing and design can be precious, radical, nurturing, healing and wonderful.” After a visit to their shop, you’ll believe it too!

Designers carried: Stewart + Brown, Linda Loudermilk, Ashley Watson, Prairie Underground, Organic by John Patrick, Loyale, Camilla Norrback, Parkvogel, Beau Soleil, She-Bible, Nicole Bridger, Manimal, Heather Heron and Teach, Ivana Helsinki, Mociun, Myth & Ritual, and many more…

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Not Internet Shopper Friendly, but GREAT merchandise.
written by A Gordon, June 25, 2009
Their merchandise is amazing. However, I would avoid using them for internet sales, as there is a no return, exchange only store policy. Definitely read the small print with this store. I spent a healthy chunk of money on one item assuming that if it didn't fit, I could pay for shipping and return. Well it didn't and their policy was not so. I have no problem covering the expenses associated with the return, even if it didn't fit as pictured; however, I don't want the assumption to be that my money is theirs even though their merchandise doesn't meet my satisfaction. While they have great stuff (Ashley Watson bags) they have nothing that I need right now. Not a great policy for internet sales.

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