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Written by: Eco Fashion World
#...     Jesse Junko Beardslee, designer and founder of award-winning eco fashion brand Themis and Thread, has partnered with artist Jennie Scarbrough to open a gift shop and ga...
Fri, 04 Aug 2017 16:40:11 +0200
Word count: 638
Written by: Alyssa Couture
#...     In fashion markets strewn across the globe, neutral and solid colors are always classic, timeless, and safe to wear. For someone who is searching for more expressive fa...
Mon, 01 Dec 2014 05:00:00 +0100
Word count: 678
Written by: Kerstin Tschernigg
#...     Livia Firth, Green Carpet Challenge founder and wife of Oscar®-winning movie star Colin Firth, has been a role model for the successful Harry Potter actress and mod...
Mon, 04 Nov 2013 20:42:26 +0100
Word count: 885
Written by: Karundi Serumaga
#...     As the fashion industry is known for flowing in a sea of trendy waters, EcoCouture strives to do things differently and mindfully. EcoCouture aims to make strides whil...
Sun, 15 Sep 2013 15:07:29 +0200
Word count: 979
Written by: Kerstin Tschernigg
#...     H&M, a brand of wearable, witty, affordable colorful clothing that has taken over the world with at least one piece inside everyone’s closet, has been taking ...
Fri, 02 Aug 2013 01:00:00 +0200
Word count: 920
Written by: Matt Potrekus
#...     Do you dread wearing your favorite pair of dress shoes because your feet are left feeling achy, sweaty, and smelly? Surprisingly enough…the culprit of this probl...
Mon, 15 Jul 2013 09:41:48 +0200
Word count: 960
Written by: Kerstin Tschernigg
#...     Gucci’s Creative Director Frida Giannini has designed a new sustainable line of signature handbags in cooperation with the Green Carpet Challenge (GCC). The GCC ...
Thu, 11 Apr 2013 00:00:00 +0200
Word count: 901
Written by: Kerstin Tschernigg
#...     Levi Strauss & Co. has been transforming denim fashion in a hands-on experience for students of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) through their innovative ...
Fri, 15 Mar 2013 17:36:10 +0100
Word count: 970
Written by: Kerstin Tschernigg
#...     Children making a real contribution as global citizens to a better and more fair world – this is only part of the Koolskools vision. Koolskools, Ethical School ...
Tue, 12 Mar 2013 17:14:29 +0100
Word count: 914
Written by: Kerstin Tschernigg
#...     While eco fashion protects our environment through organic production processes, can it also save wildlife? “We [consumers] hold the power to change,&rd...
Tue, 26 Feb 2013 00:00:00 +0100
Word count: 1101
Written by: Jessica McIlroy
#...   Myriam Laroche photo by Peter Holst   You can’t have a conversation in Vancouver about eco fashion without ending talking about Myriam Laroche. Vancouver hasn...
Sat, 16 Feb 2013 15:44:07 +0100
Word count: 1048
Written by: Eco Fashion World
#...   Amour Vert   Yes, there are still more… a few additional Holiday Promos and Featured Items from EFW GUIDE member brands and stores, to help you wrap up you...
Mon, 17 Dec 2012 14:50:19 +0100
Word count: 716
Written by: Eco Fashion World
#...   Goodforall   Because we promised to keep them coming… here are more Holiday Promos and Featured Items from the collection of remarkable brands featured in ...
Fri, 14 Dec 2012 14:14:36 +0100
Word count: 1028
Written by: Eco Fashion World
...   GUNAS   With the holidays in full swing, we thought we would scoop up some noteworthy Holiday Promos and Featured Items from the mass of amazing brands and stores f...
Thu, 13 Dec 2012 13:12:44 +0100
Word count: 1131
Written by: Priscilla Camargo
#...   Francisca Pineda hand made cotton madras dress for the IOU designer contest   The Ethical Fashion Academy (EFA) is an initiative led by the designer Francisca Pined...
Tue, 20 Nov 2012 19:20:42 +0100
Word count: 937
Written by: Krystle Corpuz
#...     Globalization has become synonymous with the concept of cheap labor. Competitive fashion markets stay relevant if they can produce their goods cheap and in bulk. However,...
Tue, 06 Nov 2012 23:12:43 +0100
Word count: 828
Written by: Priscilla Camargo
#...   Stella McCartney   Reflecting deep feelings of sensuality, self confidence, passion and self care, lingerie has been for centuries echoing the intimate statement of s...
Fri, 12 Oct 2012 01:00:00 +0200
Word count: 1348
Written by: Meg Orlinski
#...     Vancouver apparently is the third-worst dressed city in North America according to MSN travel. I, personally, am still not sure why anyone cared about this. MSN isn...
Tue, 31 Jul 2012 01:00:00 +0200
Word count: 1521
Written by: Oceana Lott
...   Stewart+Brown   Conifer wins the award for best portrayal of a standard San Francisco boutique filled with lovely women’s apparel.  I say “port...
Wed, 16 May 2012 06:19:16 +0200
Word count: 1164
Written by: Oceana Lott
#...     Southern California may be known for it’s long stretches of ocean front beauty and Hollywood glamour, but did you know that it’s also home to some of the mos...
Thu, 10 May 2012 00:00:00 +0200
Word count: 873
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