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IFAT (The International Fair Trade Association)


IFAT (The International Fair Trade Association) is a global network of Fair Trade Organisations, some of which trade in garments, textiles, and accessories. IFAT’s mission is to improve the livelihoods and well being of disadvantaged producers by linking and promoting Fair Trade Organizations.

The IFAT FTO Mark is an organization label that identifies and gives global recognition to organizations that hold Fair Trade principles at the core of their philosophy. It ensures they stand out from the crowd and boosts their credibility by showing that IFAT's standards are being met with regards to (amongst others) working conditions, wages, child labour and the environment.

IFAT has developed 9 standards for fair trade organisations, which members must adhere to. These standards are concerned with reaching the economically disadvantaged, transparency and accountability, capacity building, promoting Fair Trade, improving the situation of women, child labour, working conditions, the environment and the payment of a fair price. Although all members must meet the same standards, every organization has a different job to do and works in a different way.

A three-step Fair Trade monitoring process is a requirement of IFAT membership. This includes self-assessment against the IFAT Standards for Fair Trade Organizations, mutual review between trading partners, and external verification. When a member has met all of its monitoring obligations it becomes registered and entitled to use the IFAT Fair Trade Organisation (FTO) Mark.

You can browse IFAT members (vendors in Africa, Asia, Latin America and North America) online at http://catgen.com/ifat/EN/

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