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The Organic Exchange is a non-profit business organization focused on creating environmental and social benefits through the expansion of organic agriculture. The first project focuses on transitioning 10% of the world’s supply and demand of cotton to organic cotton within 10 years.

The Organic Exchange brings together brands and retailers with their business partners and key stakeholders to learn more about the social and environmental benefits of organic agriculture. At the same time they develop new business models and tools that support greater use of organic inputs such as organic cotton. The Organic Exchange also works to help increase consumer awareness of organic cotton products. The organization works with global brands and retailers such as H&M, Nike and C&A.

The Organic Exchange farm development program is connected to over 80 organic farming projects in India, China, North America, Turkey and countries in Africa and South America. Many of these projects are also connected to some level of manufacturing (industrial and artisanal). The program works on access to resources and farming system, on crops markets as well as regional markets.

In order to support the process of transformation all over the world and bring all stakeholders together on a regular basis, the Organic Exchange organizes international conferences. Actors within the entire supply chain, from farmers to manufacturers to brands and retailers, set common goals during the annual or regional conferences organized in different parts of the world.

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